Sunday, February 2, 2020

2019 Recap

Hard to believe that the first month of 2020 already flew by. I didn't have any time to sew this year yet, but decided to do a recap of last year since most of my makes went undocumented on the blog. 

Looking back at my 2019 projects, it was actually a productive sewing year. These are most, but not all my sewing makes from last year. 
Sewing recap of 2019 handmadepetite; M7772 M6884 M7405 M7774 M6930 M7906 M6844 M7562 S9010 M7186 M6102 S1200 M7562 S8338 S8919 M7543 BurdaStyle103AB

From top left corner: 1:#M7772, 2:#M6884, 3: #M7405, 4:#M7774, 5&14:#M6930, 6:#M7906, 7:#M6844, 8: #M7562, 9:#S9010, 10:#M7186, 11: #M6102, 12:#S1200, 13:#M7562, 15:#S8338, 16: #S8919, 17:#M7543, 18: Burda Style103AB
I don't have a picture of my Itch to Stitch Vienna top, but I love that one too. It looked  just like my store inspiration and I got many compliments on it. There were also a few Ogden Cami repeats and handful of other projects. 

Total: 30 makes! I actually had to count twice to make sure that was not a mistake.
Successes: 18 
The rest were somewhere in between. Things I wore a few times, but verdict is still out if I'm going to keep them long term. 

This is a lot more sewing than I remember doing, especially since I've been knitting quite a bit. I'm also happy with just how many things turned out well and are in heavy rotation. I'm getting better at figuring out what patterns will work for my style or finding patterns based on looks I like. I also realized I've been making a lot more beginner/easy patterns. I still like a challenge every once in a while, but the quick gratification projects rule when I'm short on time.  

Another realization that came as a big surprise after looking at the stats is just how many of the patterns this year were from McCalls. I buy a lot of patterns (too many) from different brands. Majority are Big 4, but some indie as well. I didn't realize I gravitated toward McCalls. I don't know if their aesthetic this year just appealed to me more that other Big4 or this is a case in general. Something I'll keep an eye on in the future.

Firsts: first pair of fitted pants (shorts actually) and 5 selfless makes!
Fitting the shorts was a slog, but I persevered and they turned out well. I tried my hand at pant fitting again on men's boxers, but that still needs more work to perfect.

What worked well & what I want to improve:
I've always been good about working on one project from start to finish and want to keep that going, but one thing I'd like to improve on in 2020 is buying fabric and yarn for specific projects instead of for my stash. My stash is busting at the seams and I try to sew from it, but I tend to love garments the most when I buy the fabric with the pattern in mind. The fabric that goes in the stash without a pattern lingers for a long time, often indefinitely.

Since I love the knitting queue on Ravelry, I decided to start one for sewing as well. I'm just using a simple spreadsheet, but make it a point to update it whenever I buy fabric. On some lines I just list a pattern that I love and know I want to make, on others it's the fabric that I'm looking to match to the right pattern. I'm trying to be more mindful about having both so the projects become a reality. I think having a prioritized queue to keep track of ideas and to remind myself what fabric was intended for which project was another big factor in boosting my productivity. 

Of course as many of you can probably relate, I have a lot more ideas and things in my wish list than I have the time to make. I hope this year will be as productive as the last while also helping me pair down my stash. Let's see what 2020 has in stock.

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