Sunday, June 9, 2019

M7543 Quick Off Shoulder Top

It's been a productive few months when it comes to handmade garments, but as usual I'm behind on taking photos and posting. This McCalls 7543 top was on my to make list for a while and I wore it out minutes after it left my sewing machine. McCalls 7543 off shoulder top with sleeve ties by handmadepetite

I admit, I wasn't sure about the off the shoulder trend when it first came back, but there were so many cute pattern in the last couple years and they still keep coming so I finally made a few for this summer.

The first is this very quick M7543 top view B with tie sleeves. The fabric is light J Crew shirting from Fabric Mart Fabrics that I was saving in my stash for a while. It looks a little wrinkled on the pictures because I was sitting in a hot car, but the fabric is really nice - opaque, but light and with a little bit of drape compared to some shirting fabrics. Perfect for a warm weather top!
Sewing McCalls 7543 back view off shoulder with sleeve ties by handmadepetite
The pattern is just 4 pieces with little shaping to it came together in no time until it came to finish the ties. The pattern instructions said to fold the edging twice, but no matter how I tried steaming and basting, it still didn't lie flat on the sharp curve. I eventually gave up and just made facings by cutting the bow pieces again. Much quicker to sew and looks finished from both sides so if I make the top again, I will definitely do that from the start. On the inside I just took the facing about 1" up the sleeve and hemmed unfinished edge. The other change for next time may be doing an FBA or making one size larger in the bust (keeping same elastic length) since there are a few pull marks, but that should be an easy fix. All in all a quick and enjoyable make.

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