Monday, April 30, 2018

Tealeaf Cardigan and Decorative T-shirt Details

Don't you just love this cardigan? This is my latest knit garment using Bristol Ivy's Tealeaf Cardigan pattern.
Knitting Tealeaf cardigan Craftsy KAL by HandmadePetite
Confession: this was another knit that I finished last year, but didn't take pictures of me wearing it. It definitely got plenty of wear in the last few months, including to the super fun Knitting in the Hills retreat in March where I got lots of compliments on it, but I just didn't take pictures. Even now they turned out a little blurry because the sun was already setting.

I knit this as part of Craftsy's knit-along last fall. While the first few videos could have been a little longer, I think the KAL was a really good value since Bristol was really involved in answering everyone's questions and Crafsy team supplemented a few of the ares where folks had a lot of questions with additional videos. I still considered myself a knitting novice, but after a few early mistakes with the lace and getting better at using lifelines, the rest of the cardigan came together pretty quickly without any trouble.
Handmade cardigan Bristol Ivy Tealeaf pattern knit by Handmadepetite
Since the design is intended to have lots of negative ease, the only fit adjustment I made was to shorten the sleeves. Otherwise I followed the pattern as written. My favorite part was using the swatch as the pocket lining - genius! It was a fun knit and I love how it turned out. Some pretty lace, but plenty of stockinette to make it a relatively quick knit. Will definitely knit more of Bristol's patterns in the future. Cloudborn worsted was the recommended yarn and that's what I used except substituted superwash merino for easier maintenance. I was a little worried this will cause the cardigan to stretch out, but so far so good. This is their Grey Heather colorway.

If you're here to read about sewing, don't worry, I haven't entirely switched to knitting. In fact, looking ahead to Me-Made-May, this whole outfit is handmade. I blogged about the skirt here and the top is modified t-shirt with self drafted flutter sleeves and bead neck detail.
Fabric is drapey jersey knit from I couldn't find patterns I liked for t-shirt with more interesting neck detail so I decided to make my own. I just cut strips of the fabric and was thinking of braiding them, but the fabric is so fluid that I was afraid that 3 strips would add too much extra weight on the neckline would cause it to droop. As I was playing around with the pieces, it folded in what looked like a bobble. I liked width variation and recreated the look by pinching the piece about every inch and just tucking the sides under. To hide the thread I added beads to the center and that was it. Here's a closeup (a little flat after several rounds in the wash)
Sewing tshirt neckline variation with pins and beads
It was fairly straightforward, but added enough interest to look a little more dressy than a regular t-shirt. Now I want to make a bunch of these with different designs. If you tried other neckline variations, I'd love to hear about them.


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  1. Very creative neckline treatment, I like that you just winged it and it turned out!


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