Monday, February 20, 2017

Simplicity 1716 Cowl Neck Top and Dress

Simplicity 1716 is came out a few years ago and I'm pretty sure it was the first big 4 knit pattern I made. I didn't blog at that point so I when I pulled out the pattern again for Pattern Review Serger and Coverstitch Contest, I figured I may as well write a full post on. The pattern itself has 2 different neck variations, but I like the cowl version.
Sewing navy blue knit top from Simplicity 1716 pattern

Thursday, February 2, 2017

M6802 Long Boucle Cardigan

I've been on a search for quick projects lately. It started with organizing my fabric stash and realizing it got out of control - not only was my craft room closet overflowing, but I was storing fabric in a spare dresser in another room and under the bed. It was so bad, that I was "discovering" fabric I didn't know I had. Has that happened to you before? I needed to assess my sewing habits and priorities before my fabric collection would have to move to a warehouse.

Some of this fabric I bought without any projects in mind, other may may have been different than what I expected when it arrived and in some cases even though I had specific projects in mind, I never got around to them. The thing is that majority of my favorite garments were not ad hoc things I pulled together, but projects where I bought fabric for that specific purpose and made it up while the concept was fresh in my mind. "Fresh" being the key here because I found that even if I wrote down the plan, if I waited too long to sew something up then likely my taste changed, passion wore off or I simply lost the fabric in my Bermuda triangle stash. That's not to say I don't like how unplanned projects turn out, but the ones where I thought about it for a while and was able to realize the vision, turned out on average to be more memorable. With that, I decided to shrink my stash roughly in half moving forward. This will still leave me with options when I just want to make something on a whim, but leaves space to buy new fabric when I want to make something specific. Anyway, a (very) long story short is that this cardigan was one of the first stash busting projects.
Sewing McCalls M6802 long sweater in white boucle