Tuesday, January 10, 2017

1 Hour Dress

I didn't specifically set out to time it, but I know this dress took me under an hour to sew because I was trying it on just at an hour mark. I'm not exactly a quick seamstress, but this dress is that simple. The hour didn't include cutting the pattern because I already had one handy, but it included cutting the fabric, construction and finishing. It was probably the quickest garment I've ever sewn.
Quick sewing project black and gray knit jacquard dress from tshirt pattern

This is basically a lengthened T-shirt. I used the crewneck pattern from the Craftsy Sewing with Knits class. The only changes I made were to raise the neck so I could fold the raw edge under instead of adding binding and just lengthening it to above my knee. I didn't even bother to draft the right waist and hip measurements and I just cut straight and then pinned the fabric and sewed based on the fit before I finished the rest of the dress.

The construction was all done on a serger, which I find a lot faster than sewing machine. The whole dress was  just 4 pieces total (front, back and 2 sleeves) and came together in no time. I followed the same construction order I do with t-shirts - start with shoulder seams to attach front and back pieces, sew in sleeves flat and then serge in one sweep the sleeve and side seam. It actually took longer to finish the edges than to construct the main pieces. I added steam-a-seam on the neckline and sleeves to keep the fabric from shifting and ran it through a coverstitch machine. This fabric was pretty stable for a knit, so I may have been able to get away with just doing a straight stitch on my sewing machine, but I did't want to risk the stitches breaking down the road. And that's it - 1 hour dress!
Quick sewing project black and gray knit jacquard dress from tshirt pattern. Side, front and back views
The fabric is Starburst Blossom Jacquard Knit from Fabric Mart. I bought it close to 3 years ago, but couldn't decide what to make with it. It would have made a nice skirt, except I already have one similar to it. Dress was the next logical option. I like how comfortable it is, but I definitely think it looks better with a scarf or other bright accessories to give it a pop of color.

What's your quickest sewing project?

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  1. Anything that you can make in an hour grabs my attention! This is really cute, and I love that fabric. How nice that you found the perfect pattern for it. I've made a couple of draped vests that were basically circles with serged edges that took only an hour. It's so fun to have something to wear without spending a lot of time!


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