Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Lonsdale Dresses

Before I sew up a few of the new spring patterns I just bought, I wanted to make a few more of my planned stash busting projects. Sewaholic Lonsdale is a perfect dress for that because it calls for 3-4 yards of fabric. Actually, that's part of the reason the pattern was sitting in my stash because I hardly ever buy more than 2yd of any fabric. However, I really liked Lauren's version from years ago and bought some rayon challis with this dress in mind.
Sewing Lonsdale summer dress red and white rayon challis Peony Scarlet

Monday, February 20, 2017

Simplicity 1716 Cowl Neck Top and Dress

Simplicity 1716 is came out a few years ago and I'm pretty sure it was the first big 4 knit pattern I made. I didn't blog at that point so I when I pulled out the pattern again for Pattern Review Serger and Coverstitch Contest, I figured I may as well write a full post on. The pattern itself has 2 different neck variations, but I like the cowl version.
Sewing navy blue knit top from Simplicity 1716 pattern

Thursday, February 2, 2017

M6802 Long Boucle Cardigan

I've been on a search for quick projects lately. It started with organizing my fabric stash and realizing it got out of control - not only was my craft room closet overflowing, but I was storing fabric in a spare dresser in another room and under the bed. It was so bad, that I was "discovering" fabric I didn't know I had. Has that happened to you before? I needed to assess my sewing habits and priorities before my fabric collection would have to move to a warehouse.

Some of this fabric I bought without any projects in mind, other may may have been different than what I expected when it arrived and in some cases even though I had specific projects in mind, I never got around to them. The thing is that majority of my favorite garments were not ad hoc things I pulled together, but projects where I bought fabric for that specific purpose and made it up while the concept was fresh in my mind. "Fresh" being the key here because I found that even if I wrote down the plan, if I waited too long to sew something up then likely my taste changed, passion wore off or I simply lost the fabric in my Bermuda triangle stash. That's not to say I don't like how unplanned projects turn out, but the ones where I thought about it for a while and was able to realize the vision, turned out on average to be more memorable. With that, I decided to shrink my stash roughly in half moving forward. This will still leave me with options when I just want to make something on a whim, but leaves space to buy new fabric when I want to make something specific. Anyway, a (very) long story short is that this cardigan was one of the first stash busting projects.
Sewing McCalls M6802 long sweater in white boucle

Saturday, January 28, 2017

B5354 Knit Tops

I wanted to knock out a few more quick projects for some instant gratification and this B5354 knit top fit the bill. It's made out purple rayon jersey knit. I bought this fabric a long time ago at Joann's when I was just starting to sew with knits. It's nice and soft, but unfortunately I found out last time I made a garment with the same fabric that it started to pill very quickly so I didn't want to make something very time consuming that I would feel bad about getting rid of if it started looking unsightly.
Sewing purple knit top with neck pleating detail.
B5354 is a basic knit top with a pleated neck detail. This is view D with long sleeves. I didn't actually realize this until I made this pattern the second time, but I missed the part in the instructions that said to sew the pleats vertically first and just basted them at the top. It still looks fine and doesn't change the rest of the pattern, but the pleats look less pronounced.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

1 Hour Dress

I didn't specifically set out to time it, but I know this dress took me under an hour to sew because I was trying it on just at an hour mark. I'm not exactly a quick seamstress, but this dress is that simple. The hour didn't include cutting the pattern because I already had one handy, but it included cutting the fabric, construction and finishing. It was probably the quickest garment I've ever sewn.
Quick sewing project black and gray knit jacquard dress from tshirt pattern

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Simplicity 1589 Peek-a-Boo Bicycle Blouse

I know it's January, but I'm posting a summer outfit anyway. Even in Texas it's officially winter. I actually finished this top and took pictures in early fall, just didn't have time to blog in the last couple of months. This fabric is just too cute not to share though, plus, it's a bit of a foreshadowing of what's to come in 2017. I signed up for my first Ironman race and will be doing a LOT of cycling this spring and summer to prepare. It's going to be my "bike" year.
Sewing simplicity 1589 blouse with bicycle fabric