Monday, March 28, 2016

Fabric Mart Mystery Bundle

This will be a long post because I have not one, but three outfits to share with you today. Fabric Mart Fabrics was doing a mystery bundle pinterest challenge. Two weeks ago I received 3 different fabrics about 2 yds each and came up with the following outfits.
3 sewing projects for March Fabric Mart Challenge
Both of the dresses were new to me patterns so they took a bit more time to make fit adjustments and muslins.  The top was kind of tired and true. I made a similar one for myself a few months ago and wore it quite a bit, so I made this one for my mom. So here's a bit more detail about each.

How I Started Sewing

I've actually been sewing pretty regularly for a few years, but finally took the plunge to start a blog. I've had a papercrafting blog for a number of years where I've been posting on and off, but wasn't sure if I'd have the time to keep up with both. I have a few hobbies and little spare time so I often cycle through these on a week to week or month to month basis, but I love following the online sewing community and decided to give it a try. I think it's appropriate to start things off with a story of how I started sewing.
I grew up in a household where sewing machine was a standard appliance. My great grandmother and grandmother sewed for fun, my dad made a living for a while as a tailor and worked magic with leather. I knew how to work a sewing machine at a young age and on occasion made little doll clothes. However, by the time I was in my teens I couldn't even remember how to thread a machine. I did buy a basic machine when I moved into my house after college and needed to make some curtains, but I shied away from clothing. I actually made one attempt at making a silky robe because I've had my eyes on one for months, but the "one size fits all" sizing in stores is comical for someone petite. Well, I bought some slippery poly fabric, cut it out without any type of a pattern, basically eyeballing it. I had no patience and as you can guess, the result wasn't pretty. I didn't even finish it, but I still have those scraps somewhere as a reminder. I was put off from garment sewing and it wasn't until my 30s when I finally decided to give it a real go. I can't recall if I came across something online first or I had an epiphany when I noticed sewing patterns at Joann's that reminded me of my grandma's sewing, but one day I bought a Simplicity 2892 blouse pattern and drapy poly fabric and decided the time healed of wounds and I can make something wearable. I knew so little at that point, I'm still shocked that what I made was a cute, totally wearable top. I didn't even make a muslin since at the time the concept was foreign to me.
Sewing floral blouse from Simplicity 2892 pattern